Frequently Asked Questions

What service does Tapescan provide? is a revolutionary new company that provides only one service -- the conversion of video tapes into digital files that can be downloaded immediately, saving you time and the expense of return mail.

Once downloaded, you can then edit (using your favorite software), make DVDs or upload clips to websites like Youtube or Facebook (for sharing with friends and family).
How much does it cost per tape?
We charge a flat-fee of $9.95 for tapes that are up to 2 hours in length (actually 2 hours and 10 minutes - to be exact).  Tapes that are longer in length will be charged $9.95 for every 2 hours of video.
Do you charge if the tape is blank?
There is no charge if the tape is blank.
What type of video file will I get back from you?
Our digital files are in the Quicktime h.264 / MPEG-4 format (the most compatible available today).  The file quality is usually better than the original tape due to special enhancements that are made during the digitization process. Most tapes will be at the resolution of 720x480, while HDV tapes will be at 853x480.  Click here to download a test file.
What video tape formats do you support?
We currently support VHS / SVHS, VHS-C, Hi8 / Digital8 / Video8 / MiniDV / HDV tape / DVCPRO / DVCAM / 3/4" U-Matic / Betacam / DigiBeta and Video Reel to Reel formats.
Do you support PAL or SECAM tapes?
Yes - we do support PAL and SECAM tapes. Due to the specialized equipment, the pricing is $19.90 per tape.
Can you copy the digital files onto my hard drive?
Yes - we can copy the resulting digital files onto any hard drive or USB stick.  Each hour of video will require 1GB to 2GB of space.  We also sell USB hard drives for $99.95.  Return shipping of the hard drive is a flat-rate of $16.00.
Will you ship my tapes back to me?
Yes - we can ship your original tapes back to you for a flat shipping price of $8.95.
How long do you hold onto the video files?
We will keep a backup of your digital files for up to one year.
Do you have a test file to show your video quality?
Click here to download a test file.  This file is about 5MB and requires the player (which is already installed on most computers).
Do you accept Purchase Orders?
Yes - we do accept Net 30 Purchase Orders from most academic institutions and government entities.  The minimum order is $500 and prior approval is required.