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Discover how Tapescan can help you
digitize and manage your video tapes.

Starting the process is easy.

Just sign up for a free account here.   A Tapescan account allows you to receive an instant estimate and create a pre-filled custom order form.   This custom PDF file can then be printed, saved to your desktop or emailed to you.

Your custom order form will contain all the information we need to process your order -- just include it with your VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV or HDV video tapes.

We recommend shipment in a new sturdy box via UPS or FedEx (with a "signature required for delivery").

"Your Customer Dashboard"

Want to find out the status of your order? All you need to do is log into your account and view "Your Customer Dashboard."

Your dashboard will list all of your placed orders and one of the following statuses: "Order Placed," "Order Processing" or "Order Completed."  You will also be alerted by email when the status of your order changes.

We offer a 100% quality guarantee with every order.

Patented processes ensure exceptional video quality.

Downloading your new digital files!

Orders usually take about a week to complete.  When ready, just log into your account to gain access to your Quicktime video files.

All of your videos will be organized with thumbnail previews for easy identification of scenes.  You can then choose a video to download or have the link emailed directly to you.

Our custom software makes it easy to transition to digital video!

Convert your tapes to digital before it is too late. Get Your Free Account Today