Customer Testimonials

Can I say wow? Your service is awesome! You were actually able to convert
my PAL MiniDV tapes into digital files that look amazing. On top of that
you made sure the video was kept in the 16:9 widescreen. Thanks Tapescan!

Jim Torrence Chattanooga, Tennessee (01/30/20)

I want to thank your company from the bottom of my heart for keeping
a backup of our family's irreplaceable videos. Our hard drive crashed
and lost all of our files, but luckily Tapescan keeps backups for 1 year.

Nina Lopez Boise, Idaho (02/12/20)

The digital versions look so much better than the original tapes.
I am very satisfied with your work and will recommend your service
to my friends and family.

Scott Serontino Monroe, New York (02/28/21)

Wow! I am impressed. You digitized 47 of our company's video tapes
in just 8 days (while other companies were quoting at least 2 months).
We are very satisfied and will recommend your services to others.

Andy Merlitz Little Rock, Arkansas (12/28/20)

Your service is quite unique... The video looks great and the files
easily imported into Adobe Premiere. Five stars for you and your team!

Nancy Johnson Las Vegas, NV (01/03/21)

Thank you so much. I'm very impressed with the simplicity, the quality
and the value. You really got everything just right. I've been in television
and radio all my life, and I've transferred many of my own videotapes to
digital files. Tapescan's work is fantastic -- better than the best results
I ever achieved on my own (and I know what I'm doing). I'm a real fan
and will be sending you many more tapes.

John Hane Washington, DC (10/10/20)

I love it that your digital files are available online for me to download.
This saves me so much time and using them in iMovie was effortless!

Gina Hansen Overland Park, Kansas (6/8/21)

Not only did you restore all of my home videos to MPEG-4 digital files --
you also made it easy to share these memories with my whole family.
I will definitely recommend your service to all of my friends.

David Duncan Chattanooga, Tennessee (2/7/21)

I am really surprised to see that the video quality is better than the
original. Second batch of tapes is on the way.

Sandra O'Day Atlanta, Georgia (9/4/19)

This service rocks!
I mailed my tapes and got the links in a few days.

John Casen Las Vegas, Nevada (11/1/20)

Tapescan was so easy. I just printed out the custom order form and
mailed off my tapes. I received links to my tapes within a week or so.
Wow! The quality looked better than the originals. Thank you so much.

Martha Johnson Portland, Oregon (10/27/20)